About Tory:


Tory Christensen has a great deal of experience working with kids! It all started long ago in a little college town up in
Bellingham, WA where he was a student at Western Washington University. He discovered he had a ‘knack’ with kids while coaching
for the YMCA and City of Bellingham. He received his degree in Psychology from WWU and knew he wanted to make a difference in the
lives of others. Since then he has implemented and helped successfully run the following: After school programs for at-risk-youth,
reading programs for elementary students and served as a drug and alcohol prevention specialist for middle schools.

Tory Christensen

While running all of that, he decided to get his masters degree in Education from Washington State University and has spent the past six years as a high school counselor. (He has a hard time going anywhere these days without bumping into a kid he has helped!) “Mr. Christensen…. Hi, remember me?” … you get the idea!

In addition to the above adventures, Tory has his own Teen Talk radio show on 88.1 FM.

Wiggle Like A Fish

In his spare time, he enjoys coaching for the YMCA and City of Richland youth sports teams. His hobbies include: camping, hiking, singing, writing and his family! Tory and his wife, Wendy, have three adorable children (ages 11, 9 & 5) …who add more magic to their lives than words can express. Many of his songs on the CD were inspired by moments with his family – he hopes the messages will touch your life and home as much as they have his.

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