School Assemblies


What do you get when you combine a singing Superman with a 6 and a half foot fish named Wiggles?


A very fun, educational and memorable school assembly!

Tory and "Wiggles the fish"


About the show

Tory Christensen and his best friend, Wiggles, have a message for kids!  During this very interactive show, kids know that they matter, that manners make a difference, and that waking up happy and enjoying the world around them is a good thing!  Kids will also learn how to chase away the grumpies, make feel good stew and find their groove! 

Songs used in the assemblies -

IMPORTANT NOTE :  We can custom design the assembly to meet your needs!
Let us know what songs fit your school's focus.

“The Monster Under My Bed”

This is a song about fighting the scary stuff and facing your fears.  It explains that it's OK to get help from others when facing these fears. 

“It's All Up to You”

This song helps kids explore what they want to be when they grow up.  And that in order to achieve and become something, it's all up to them

“Wiggle Like a Fish”

The main theme of this song is to help kids realize that there is a time to sit still and a time to move, wiggle and find a groove.

“The Yes Answer”

We make all kinds of choices in the world.  Sometimes the answer is yes, and other times the answer is no.  This song helps kids choose between the two and do what's right.

“Feel Good Stew”

This song helps children realize all the things children can do for themselves and others to make their world and the world around them a better place.

“I Scream for Ice Cream”

This is a fun song to get kids excited about participating in life.  Sometimes we just need to feel good and eat ice cream

“Please and Thank You”

Manners are an important part of growing up.  This song demonstrates how we can get along better in this world if we use them.

“I've got the Grumpies”

Sometimes we have bad days, but they don't have to stay that way.  This song along with the motions used teaches kids how to chase away the grumpies and have a better day.

“Playing Pretend”

Using your imagination is a big part of growing up. “Playing Pretend” encourages and demonstrates how we can use our imagination for fun, creative learning.

“They All Love Me”

Families and friends help us in all aspects of our lives.  This song helps kids recognize that they are surrounded by people who care and love them.

“Woke up this Morning”

Waking up on the right side of the bed is a good thing! This song explores different ways to enjoy the day.

Assembly program length: 45 minutes to an hour.

About Tory -

Tory has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Western Washington University and a Master's Degree in Education from Washington State University.  He is a School Counselor, a Dad and Husband, a Performer and a Singer/Songwriter.

We wiggle, we sing and we have fun!


Here's what people are saying about Tory and his music/performance

“Tory's music is very fun and has such a soothing quality.”
Denise Rayburn, CCLS 
St. Luke's Children's Hospital / Boise, Idaho

“The music is catchy and you can't help but sing, move and dance along.”

Keni Gosney / Vice-Principal

“We were all humming the upbeat, fun songs long after the program was over.

Thanks again for sharing your exceptional talent with us. What a treat!” 
Azam Houle

Youth Services Librarian / Boise, Idaho Public Library

“Captivating performance full of upbeat music, fun lyrics and lots of laughs…”

Sharon Demiter / School Secretary

“The Wiggle Like a Fish performance was a smashing success!  
Both young and old thoroughly enjoyed the fun music.” 
Nampa, Idaho Public Library

Wiggles the fish and friends


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To schedule an assembly please contact:
Wendy Christensen
Phone: (509) 946-1970